Winter Programming 2017/2018 for Children/Youth

Whistler Sport Legacies offers a variety of winter sport programs for children and youth at Whistler Olympic Park and the Whistler Sliding Centre. All programs feature high quality coaching for all ability levels in a safe environment, in the spectacular setting of Whistler's Olympic venues with first-class facilities.

Nordic Sports - Multi-Sport & Ski Jumping

Nordic Multi-Sport Programs

Get a taste of the Nordic Disciplines in our Multi-Sport Programs! Whistler Olympic Park offers programming with exciting snow activities that is a great beginner introduction to Nordic skiing and an important step for children and youth in developing snow literacy. Participants (8-12 years) get introductions and learn the skills for Nordic skiing in all its varieties, like cross-country skiing, biathlon and even ski jumping on the new junior hills. Other activities include practice on the ski play area with exciting jumps, rollers and other features that train balance, confidence and coordination, as well as snowshoe tours and other exciting snow activities. All abilities welcome, no prior experience is required!

Multi-sport program options:

  • 3- or 4-day Holidays and Spring Break camps with full-day instruction/supervision from 8:30am until 3:00pm. Rental gear, transportation from/to Whistler Village and lunch options available. Pricing/dates for 2017/2018 tbd.
  • 4 sessions on 4 Successive Saturdays, with instruction/supervision from  9:30am - 3:30pm. Pricing/dates for 2017/2018 tbd.

Ski Jumping

As a designated National Training Centre for Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined, Whistler Olympic Park has a world-class ski jumping facility for all ages and abilities. While World Cup and Olympic athletes regularly train and compete on the big hills, a new beginner facility was constructed in 2014 and is now available to those who want to try the exciting sport.

Beginners can join drop-in classes or progress weekly in the weekend "Hoppers" program. Participants start on a 10-meter snow bump where they safely learn the correct technique with the guidance of professional coaches. After that, jumpers can progress to the 20 and 40 meter hills to refine their technique and try bigger jumps. High quality ski jumping equipment, including skis and boots, is available for the programs.

  • 'Hoppers': Ski Jumping & Nordic Combined for Kids
    Girls and boys ages 8-14 can progress in this weekend program. Ski jumping is held in the afternoons, participants have the option to join a cross-country class in the morning to broaden their skillset and to get a taste of the sport 'Nordic Combined', which includes both ski jumping and cross-country in one exciting Olympic discipline. Pricing/dates for 2017/2018 tbd.
  • Wednesday 'Night Flight' Sessions: Drop-in for all ages
    Those looking for an exciting time on Wednesday nights can join this casual drop-in class. All ages are welcome, intermediate/advanced ski abilities are required. Participants use their own downhill gear or try Whistler Olympic Park's hybrid Nordic jump skis. Jumpers receive thorough instruction on the correct and safe technique to master the introductory mini jump and later on the 20- or even 40-meter hill. Pricing/dates for 2017/2018 tbd.

More details on the Nordic programming will be available closer to the winter season. For more information, contact Whistler Olympic Park by phone at 604 964 0060 ext. 2460 or by email.

Sliding Sports - Luge & Bobsleigh

Discover Luge

Children and youth 8 - 17 years old can join this beginner program for a fun filled 2 hour introduction to Luge. Participants will learn about the sport and its equipment, and will receive safety instructions prior to heading outside for an on-ice sliding session to build familiarity on the luge sled. Participants will slide the final 4 corners of the track reaching speeds of up to 70km/hr. Luge sleds will be provided, participants will only need to bring their own properly adjusted CSA certified snow sport helmet. Athletes will receive professional coaching and supervision while at the venue. Pricing/dates for 2017/2018 tbd.

Discover Bobsleigh

Get in the driver’s seat for a bobsleigh driving school! Participants (16+ years) of this 2.5 hour school will complete a brief orientation before getting on the ice in our training sleds. Each participant will get the chance to be pilot & brakeman reaching up to 110km/hr from the Lower Ladies start. No previous experience required! Participants will be provided with all the equipment needed (sled & helmet) to participate in the program. Pricing/dates for 2017/2018 tbd.

More details on the Sliding programming will be available closer to the winter season. For more information, contact the Whistler Sliding Centre by phone at 604 964 0040 or by email.

Olympic Mondays

For six amazing Mondays in the winter season, Whistler Sport Legacies in co-operation with local partners provides kids with the opportunity to get introduced to not one but many Olympic sports! On the schedule  in the 2016/2017 season were biathlon, luge, snowboard, downhill/freestyle ski, cross-country skiing and ski jumping. Participants learn new skills, improve their overall physical literacy and get a taste of these exciting Olympic sports – and maybe even become a future Olympian!

Olympic Mondays are suitable for girls and boys between 9 and 12 years with intermediate/advanced alpine, snowboard or cross-country ski skills. The program is held from 8:30am - 3:00pm on six successive Mondays in the winter 2017/2018. Specialized equipment, except for a properly adjusted snow helmet which kids have to bring, for all disciplines will be provided. If available, participants can bring their own gear. Athletes have to bring their own CSA approved helmet. Pricing/dates for 2017/2018 tbd.

More details on the Olympic Mondays will be available closer to the winter season. For more information, contact Whistler Sport Legacies by phone at 604-964-0031 or by email.